About the Outlaws Book

The Outlaws book is a period piece describing the life of the most notorious outlaw who ever lived.

Billy the Kid, Henry McCarty, William Bonney... who are they?

A brilliant story with all the needed elements to make it a best-selling novella. Gallop through the Wild West as the characters take you on a journey involving friendship, loyalty, love, violence, guts and much more. 


Take a peek into one of the most thrilling chases in the Outlaws book….


He felt the posse closing in on him and took out the rifle from his horse’s saddle. Turning his body while riding at a full stride, he shot rounds after rounds at the men chasing after him as the posse returned their fire at him. Gun shots blared in the air and the horse sped on taking her master away from the men firing at him. He came to the point of no return as ahead of him was a river, blocked by water moccasins. His horse, as fearless as him, jumped over the snakes, swam across the river with the rider steady on her back. The rider could still hear the bullets flying over his head. As his horse reached the banks of the other side of the river, the same snakes spooked the posse’s horses and caused them to stop dead in their tracks. The posse was frustrated and had to reload their rifles. They looked at their fugitive across the river, but saw only his cocky smile. The rider, with a smirk on his face, raised his hand and made a gesture with his thumb and pointer finger, mimicking a shooting motion towards the posse, infuriating them further. Both him and his horse, exhausted, realized they had finally eluded their chasers. The horse and her rider trotted away in a normal walk. Moments later, he stopped the horse at a creek so the mare could drink. As the rider pushed his hat up, he walked to the edge of a tree line and saw a town. SILVER CITY, NEW MEXICO – His home

Christopher Anderson's Take on The Outlaws Book

Born from my passion for the Wild West and Billy the Kid, this novel and many more to come will wait for worthy readers.