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The Outlaws book narrates a story based on true, actual events. These events began in the mid-1870’s and helped shape the history of the Wild West. It tells us a story of a Legend… an Outlaw… known as William H. Bonney – aka Billy the Kid.

William was a young outlaw in history. He was born on NYC’s East Side, migrated to Kansas with his mother as a youth and then to New Mexico.

Outlaws takes you on a journey maneuvering through the life of one of the most notorious outlaws that ever lived, Billy the Kid.

Outlaws by Christopher Anderson - 3D Book Cover

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The Outlaws Book Launch - Texas, March 2022

About Christopher Anderson

Christopher Anderson is an old-fashioned “Yes ma’am, no ma’am” kind of a guy from Bryan/College Station, Texas.
Outlaws is his first book inspired by his passion for Billy the Kid. He was motivated by movies, and vacation trips to Ruidoso, New Mexico which is near the old town of Lincoln. It was exhilarating for Christopher to write this novel and he hopes the reader shares the same sentiment.

Christopher Anderson


“The Outlaws Book is a period piece you don’t want to miss.”

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Outlaws by Christopher Anderson - Ebook Cover

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Outlaws by Christopher Anderson - 3D Book Cover
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Outlaws by Christopher Anderson - 3D Book Cover
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